About Us

About Us

Clear Car Armor was first started in 2003 when our owner Chris West wanted to keep his new vehicle paint looking new and pristine. His previous car with close to 100k miles on it had so many rock chips it looked as if someone had taken a shotgun to the front. Friends in Colorado and California mentioned getting a “clear bra” installed which he had never heard of nor seen.

After some research he realized this was the perfect solution to keeping his new ride looking good for years to come and he tried to find a local shop in Anchorage that did “clear bras”. Unable to find an installer that met his standard and realizing this was a product that the cars of Alaska needed, he became a trained and certified installer and Clear Car Armor was born. 

As Chris mastered his skills, he continued working as a civil engineer and after two years of installing on nights and weekends, the time came when the demand required a full time commitment and Clear Car Armor official opened its doors full time at its Arctic Blvd location. Fifteen years and thousands of customers later, Clear Car Armor has come to be recognized as a leader in paint protection film with extreme attention to detail and unparalleled customer service. With a staff of car enthusiasts who love cars and working with them, Clear Car Armor is committed to providing customers with unique automotive aftermarket products. Using the slogan, “It’s Your Body” Clear Car Armor knows that your car is a significant investment and will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. 


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